Does Microsoft Have any Real Competition? Copyright (c) 2003 Gregory S. Diehl In a word, yes.

And I contemplate they are almost to get more.

Microsoft chiefly dominates in in operation systems and bureau fertility computer code.

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Windows is going to be the in charge OS for many incident. But I cogitate property will get noticeably much remarkable next to the Novell/SuSE incorporation. The gargantuan IBM was simply losing Linux. (People forget that if IBM's software package regiment were a independent company, it would be amount two only to Microsoft.) Now, they face the state of affairs from a firm that knows how to activity to the enterprise, which Red Hat does not. SuSE gets the channels and conglomerate partners it wants worldwide; Novell can pledge its subsistence onwards NetWare as a challenger to the abhorrent Microsoft. (Novell feels astir as vigorously just about the folks from the Northwest as Sun does.)

And tongued of Sun, they are aggressively ambitious StarOffice as an secondary to Microsoft Office. It offers database compatibility, so any person on a fund may want to at slightest reflect it. Corel is besides decoration in nearby beside WordPerfect and other products, and Novell has GroupWise. So in attendance is at least a littler opposition in business office productivity, though admittedly not considerably. StarOffice is now reachable in the retail channel, so that may amendment.

With Sun and IBM aggressive Java/J2EE as the level for Web services, .NET is getting all the jealousy it can pedal. For dynamical Web publishing (updating from a information) I seem to be to see at least as several pages next to .jsp (Java Server Pages) or .php (Hypertext Preprocessor) as I do .asp (Active Server Pages, from Microsoft) on the data file term. (If you've of all time wondered what those gothic things were that were not .htm or .html, that's it!)

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There are two areas where on earth Microsoft is not even adjacent to eldest situation.

Most Web servers are Apache moving beneath Linux, not Microsoft's Internet Information Server on a Windows box.

In the database arena, Microsoft truly faces prudish enmity. IBM is stagnant number one beside DB2, and Oracle is enveloping down. While SQL Server 2000 is such much burly and enterprise-ready than its predecessors, it is static in ordinal put. (Albeit a tighter 3rd locate with the quantifiability and new features of SQL Server 2000.) On the charts next to a shotgun shell is MySQL, the Linux of the info world that is achievement more than market stock in enterprises not needing the features of a DB2 or Oracle.

So, does Microsoft have competition? Yes, even in areas of near-monopoly, here is at smallest possible both challenge.

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